Getting Your Body Ready for Spring



It is time to get our body ready for spring. March has just begun and this means new fruits and veggies will be available at grocery stores. This also means that you can finally try a new recipe that you’ve had your eyes on for so long. New food also encourages you to start a diet and feel better about yourself on so many levels. To feel better due to your new nutrition plan means glowing, smiling and trying on new clothes because of your new found confidence. Spring 2013 will be fun. New clothes will most definitely help, and a $60 or $90 off NY&C code is available here. Try it. Coupons definitely help when a budget is tight.


It’s always a good idea to look for ways to enhance your life. Think of new ways to bring positive changes to your life through cooking, putting clothes together, creating greetings cards, or creating a new music play list. Spring, especially now since temperatures have slightly gone up, is the right moment to do these activities. You may call it spring cleaning, but it’s more of a new way to brighten up your upcoming days and welcoming spring with open arms.



Spring Offers New Veggies and Fruits

Artichokes, asparagus, radishes, celery, avocado, oranges, blueberries and raspberries are just a few. They can be used for salads, soups, or just by themselves. A blueberry banana smoothie also works wonders. It is healthy (to some extend), colorful, and delicious. Who wouldn’t want to start any day with a hand-made smoothie?


Explore Your Kitchen

We all own utensils we no longer use or might have never used before. Get rid of these spare utensils and make room for useful items you know you will need to prepare spring salads, soups and desserts. Also, how about spending a little extra on a new set of plates or cutting knives? You do not have go to overboard and get rid of things you have and love, but try to see what will motivate you more to stay in the kitchen and open your fridge. Little things can have a huge impact. Even a new mug or coffee flavor can do the trick.


Clean out Your Closet

You don’t need a new pair of jeans every week, and you don’t need another red blouse either. However, when you see a cute top or dress that you just cannot get out of your mind it is time to invest in it. By all means this doesn’t mean going over your budget. Be logical and add a few new items to your wardrobe. If that cute striped dress is what you really need and would wear more than just once, then buy it. Your purchase will make your eyes sparkle. You also will instantly feel better because you know that you are ready for a new season and ready to show everyone what you bought and how good you feel about yourself.


Spring cleaning is not just about cleaning the house and going through an ordeal. Spring cleaning should be fun. It should include some cleaning, but most importantly, it should not make you bitter. By simply adding a few new and possibly colorful items to your wardrobe or by walking down the fruit and vegetable section in your local grocery store to choose new and fresh fruits, you can easily welcome spring. Try to utilize a new bowl while you attempt to make raspberry muffins, or make a fresh colorful spring salad with artichokes. If that does not help, just wear your new pink-polka dotted cardigan you bought the other day and enjoy the beginning of spring.


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