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As summer vacation and school break is approaching people are busy planning their most awaited time for a relaxing vacation. Well who wouldn’t want a break from waking up at early dawn to cook and prepare the kids’ school things? I love being a Mom but sometimes the pressure on my kids on their school activities fall on me as I don’t want them to be tired and lack of sleep. Having two jobs aside from my house chores is now taking a toll on me. I always imagine myself looking haggard from my tight schedule.


My husband is urging me to come with him and few of my church mates when they go to Baguio this week for scouting our venue for December fellowship vacation. I can’t go with him as I can’t have a day off my office work because of deadlines. Maybe it’s not yet time for my relaxing vacation so I’ll just make plans for it when I’m free from work responsibilities and with enough finances to spend for the whole family.


When you plan for vacation on a place like Remm Akihabara you should consider few things. You should know your available time when you can file for a vacation leave when you’re employed or if you’re working in your own time you should finish all your works and commitments so you will not think about them when you’re vacationing. Next you should ensure that you’ve saved a little more than you need so you’ll able to enjoy the vacation without worrying about depleting your funds.


Getting a good travel deal offered by hotels like Hotel Monterey Hanzomon is of utmost importance because you can get the best value for your money. The place you’re going to stay should have good facilities, near to amenities like shopping stores, business services, cleaning and laundry services, internet access, cable TV, newspapers, duvet and the likes.


It will be nice if you can get deals that include food like buffet breakfast too. My friend who got a deal into the famous resort in our country told me that most deals really contain either breakfast or any other meal of the day. With all these things in mind I told myself that I should really save for our upcoming vacation.

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