Priorities in Spending

Shopping for gadgets is one thing that makes me happy, actually the mere surfing for deals and discounts on the things I love will suffice until I have enough budget for my whims. These days I’m saving for my kids’ school fees next month for the incoming school year. My eldest daughter will be in her senior year and we’re gearing up for prospective college universities. The next one will be in junior high and the youngest is still in primary school.

I prioritize their educational expenses before anything so my whims will have to wait until all tuition fees are settled. I’m inspired with my online work because my kids are all good in school and passed it all with flying colors so everything is worth every penny. Anyway with and without honors I’m still with the best inspiration because I love them dearly.

It’s just the same with a friend of mine whose center of life are his kids. His stories are all about his dear little children so when he receives gifts from colleague like sancho panza he thinks twice before indulging again because it might not be good for his health at his age. I noticed that when he reached 45 years last year he began changing his eating habits and lifestyle which includes refraining from some little vices he had in the past. His kids need him for quite a long time and he should be in his best health for that.

About race

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