Some Facts About Mole

When people talk about mole I can’t help smiling because some of them especially the old generation tend to associate this with the character and the future life of the person with a mole.  I heard for the nth time how people would say that a certain mole affects the life of the person.  I heard many say that a mole in a woman’s face where the tears usually falls signifies bad luck because she’ll always be a widow.  Now if their future daughter-in-law has a mole on that unlucky place in her face it’s likely that the parents would not approve of the girl.

Well it’s not always scary as that mole mentioned above because there are lots of areas in your body that they find lucky. Many believe that having mole on some parts of their body might give them luck in love and finances.  I grew up having a Mom who is so fond of beliefs and traditions that sometimes she thinks that mole signs are true.  Anyway relevant or not we should study about how moles are formed and why we always see plenty on some people and few on others.  So it’s better if we have one resource site that will be able to explain facts and myths about mole and how to deal with it.

First of all mole is a normal occurrence on any part of your body and face usually caused by such factors as genetics, sun exposure and hormonal changes.  Having one or two of moles will not affect your life unless it’s too dark or too big that you want to remove it.  Since moles are regular, irregular and cancerous then the need for  mole removal would greatly depend on such categories.

If the mole causes skin irritation or poses danger on your health because it’s cancerous then you should consider removing it. If you don’t have money you can try natural home remedies which are known to be the cheapest method. You can also remove it through surgery which is expensive but very fast and effective.  Lastly you can use pharmaceutical products like Dermatend for fast and effective results.  All of these will depend on your decision and specific requirements.

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