My Fave Shopping Buddy!

Had a great time shopping with my sister who asked me to accompany her last weekend to buy things for the house. She only planned to buy another electric stove but when we reached the place and saw the store’s latest release of home goods stocks we stayed and shopped for more. It’s always best to have her as my shopping buddy anywhere anytime. She’s always been the best buddy ever when it comes to shopping, bonding, eating out and so many other things.

Well it seems that my kids will agree with me 100 percent as she’s the second Mom for them giving them support emotionally and financially showering them with gifts and little whims. She would always come with us when we look out for the musical instruments that they love. I remember the time when we search for the best guitar for my daughters as they’re looking for the kind that they can also use as electric guitar in the coming years.

Now we’re searching for cheap drum sets at musicians friend for the little boy in the house who is turning 10 this year. She’s so excited every time a kid of mine will celebrate a birthday because they were asked to make a wish and she’ll buy aside from making an appointment to shop with the celebrant. Josh loves to play a real drum in the house just like what he’s seeing in the church because he wants to practice what he has learned from a summer music workshop I enrolled him in. Wish we could find it for him and I don’t mind even if we’ll just be able to buy a pre-owned as long as the quality is good.

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