Shopping for Home


I love shopping not only for my personal things and gadgets but for the home as well. At home I decide on what we will buy for replacement on tiles, kitchen cabinets, accessories and many others. Since our house is already old and gone through several years we always need revisions on some areas in the house. Patiently we were able to answer the call for repair and proper maintenance of major rooms in the house where most of us are moving most of the times. For me emphasis on good interior design should be directed not only on the living room but on the kitchen and bathroom as well.

When I have the budget for renovation I’ll see to it that my kitchen will be the nicest place in the house and bathrooms should also be beautiful and possibly furnished with 48 inch bathroom vanity because I love having cozy and beautiful bathroom with beautiful utilities, furniture and accessories. Well for now since my budget is not enough for our home makeover I’ll have to content myself on our present one. I’ll just compile the designs that I have for now and will go through when the time for renovation is near.

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