Tips for Summer Dressing When You’re Tall

As a tall woman, you’re probably used to the looks you get as you enter a room towering above even the men – but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable. To ensure you enter the room with confidence this summer, follow this simple tips on making the most of your figure:

Make a statement with your shoes

You might be familiar with the term ‘the six foot scan’. It refers to the instinctive reaction people have when they say a lady with such impressive height – to quickly scan down to the floor and see if you’re wearing heels! Take advantage of this inevitable exploration of your physique and let people not only be stunned at your lack of heels, but at how beautiful your shoes are. Not everyone can guarantee their expensive footwear will be appreciated, but taller ladies stand a better chance.

Keep it simple but go oversized

A top tip to dressing stylishly as a taller woman is to keep things simple – minimalist. Avoid looking like a Christmas tree by avoiding every accessory under the sun. Choose one belt and necklace, or one hat and bracelet – less is more. To make more of these accessories though, choose oversized, chunky options. A thick bangle or a giant handbag look powerful yet understated on a taller woman, whilst those with a petite frame can be overwhelmed by large accessories.

Highlight your décolletage

Make a feature of your décolletage and neck. Tall women often have beautiful long necks which can be highlighted with interesting necklines and statement necklaces. Large earrings also attract the eye up to your face. If you want people to focus on your natural beauty, pull your hair back and let your facial features stand out.

Combine narrow and wide

Just because you’re tall, don’t be afraid of wearing some of the popular masculine fits that modern women have come to love. You might shy away from wide-legged trousers in the fear you’ll appear to macho, but if tall runway models can look graceful and refined in such garments so can you. To avoid looking ‘big’, make sure you only wear one wide item at a time – for example, pair wide leg trousers with a fitted wrap around top or an oversized blazer with feminine skinny jeans.

Do bright colours

If you’re self-conscious about your height, you’re yet to exude the confidence you deserve. Add a splash of bright colour to your outfit to showcase an inner sureness; stop covering up in dark shades. Bold tones are a great way to bring attention to your best assets too. If you have an enviably narrow waist, pick a bright clutch belt. If you have an excellent cleavage, go for bright low cut top.

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