Yellow Summer Dress


I was looking for ideas for my teenage girls’ dresses for casual dress up when I saw this long pleated maxi dress in yellow color, exactly Gen’s fave color. This is perfect for her as she wants simple dresses only and finding it hard always to choose from my suggested dresses. This is a linen short sleeve sundress perfect for the weather.

As it has pleats at the front and back it will fit my daughter nicely and will give her very slim body a fuller look. She’s getting conscious now of the clothes she wears in church, school and in other places as she’s becoming a young lady as years go by. She’s not a young girl anymore but a young lady.

This summer dress has sizes from small to large and you can see the exact size fit in from deboy 2000 store. This super simple and pretty dress costs ₱3,160.17. Btw the store sells 76 items more dresses for your specific style, prints and price.



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