Infinity, Love & Friendship Bracelet


When my daughter was just a grade schooler she often comes home with a friendship bracelet made and given by her best friends in school.  She has many friends and because of that she has collected a lot.  Well as the bracelets are all handmade and inexpensive they can make as much as they want or as many friends as they want to give.

Well for those who don’t have time to make their own handmade bracelets they want to give to their closest friends they can buy handmade ones which will surely make their friends giggle at the cute design and make them feel special.  It can also be used to accessorize your teens’ dresses or get up as you can choose very stylish and fashionable designs.

These bracelets from Morning Treasures in etsy varies from the materials they used to create them like metal, wax cord,  rope, alloy and leather.  They can be your infinity bracelet, love bracelet, anchor bracelet, cross bracelet and of course the friendship bracelet.

Sells at $8.99 USD

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