Shopping for Food

With all the things I have in mind to shop and buy I have to remind myself that I have to include cleaning materials for my general spring cleaning in the house. For some areas in the house I certainly need a spot stain remover and I need someone to remind me while I shop because when I’m picking up goods I’m so engrossed with my food list for the kids that I seem to forget unusual things that I don’t buy in my weekly list.

Shopping is exciting for me when it includes grocering because I always buy some foods that I can bake and cook when the kids are all home in the afternoon and on weekends. My eldest Ruth got my flair for baking & cooking and she’s the one who always check my grocery bags for some exciting packs to bake. Hope she keeps her hobby until she’s grown up so her future family would be so happy for all her exciting dishes and pastries just like now.

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