Kitting your Lad Out with Winter Shoes that Last

boys shoesAs a parent, it’s understandable to feel like you constantly have to add clothes and shoes to their wardrobe. Growth spurts, particularly when they’re younger, can often mean that the t-shirt and the trainers that fit them last week are now a squeeze to get on, meaning it’s time to pop to the shops (again) to update their closet. While one new t shirt can often be shirked (after all, they have plenty!), well-fitting shoes are extremely important to promote the healthy growth and ultimate comfort of their little feet. The last thing you want to see is blisters and squished toes where their shoes have been rubbing them.

While you may have just invested in your little boy’s school shoes, it’s only a matter of time before you have to buy some more. Plus, we all know that little lads need more than just school shoes to last the next couple of seasons. Luckily, kitting out their feet needn’t cost a fortune – stick to the supermarkets and you can pick up some great bargains, without missing out on quality. So, what shoes and boots do you need as the temperatures begin to fall?

School Shoes

You will have likely already bought their school shoes, seeing as the autumn term has, or is about to, begun. That being said, it’s only a matter of time before he comes home from school with one too many scuffs on his treads and you’ll be heading back to the shops to pick up a new pair. Opt for some scuff-resistant great value boy’s school shoes to try and keep the scuffs to a minimum and prolong the life of their new kicks.


Essential for the autumn onwards, a pair of wellies needn’t cost a lot and can mean the difference between playing in the puddles having a great time and watching the rainfall from the other side of closed doors. We all know how wet the UK can be during autumn and winter – enjoy it rather than hide away from it!


From climbing trees to kicking a football around, most little boys love to play outside. While technology is in its heyday, with computer games and consoles everywhere, nothing can replace the fun that kids can have outdoors. A little boy’s shoe collection should include at least one pair of trainers; it doesn’t matter how expensive they are – you can pick up some fabulous quality trainers from George for next to nothing that’ll do the same job as branded sports trainers.

If your lad is a little boisterous, you’ll know how important trainers are!


Whether he’s had a party invitation for his schoolmate’s birthday or you have a special event to head to, a pair of smart shoes is always handy to have. The Leather Mid Tops for £12 from George would be ideal.

When winter draws nearer, chances are you’ll need to invest in some winter boots to keep their toes warm and protected from the chill – keep an eye out in the supermarkets for them too and you can be sure to kit out your boy’s feet, affordably.

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