Deciding on the Perfect GMC Family Vehicle


Yeah, you are one of those people who still drives around the car that your parents gave you back in high school. It still has the soda stains, the smell of dirty gym clothes, and it is layered with dents and scratches. While your car may have all of these faults, you still love it, at least when you don’t have to cram your wife and two kids into the vehicle. Let’s face it, there is a point in time when you just need a bigger vehicle. Here is a quick look at three different types of vehicles that make great additions to the family, and all of which can be found at a local dealer of GMC in Woodbridge, VA, or any car dealer for that matter.

The (Not So) Mini-Van

They are often ugly, large, and you always swore that you would never get one, but the mini-van is often the first thing that you consider when getting a family vehicle. Everyone else has one, so it can’t be that bad, can it? Mini-vans actually have a large number of redeeming features that make them perfect family vehicles. The vehicles are easy to get into, have a huge amount of space for rambunctious kids and all their belongings, and they are relatively affordable.

Pretend You’re Driving a Truck

So, you made this bet a few years back that you would never get a mini-van, and you threw out quite a high amount of cash. Afraid that you friend will call in the bet, you turn to the SUV to save you from humiliation. SUVs were first modeled completely off of trucks, and they still share many similarities. They are luxurious, offer plenty of room, and look great, but you will need to pay a hefty price for your pride.

The Great Compromise

So you don’t want a mini-van, but you can’t afford an SUV, your best option is the crossover. Your local dealer of GMC in Woodbridge, VA , will more than likely recommend a good crossover if no more babies are in your plans for the near future. These vehicles provide plenty of room for four people, they look great, and they are affordable, but they do not have the size, no power of a mini-van or SUV.

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