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A little tired of wearing shoes for tennis? Boots can be the perfect choice for you, your designs are on par with seasonal trends they are certainly comfortable shoes. They are great even for a present. We list the different types of boots for you to choose the one that goes with your style.

Cowboy Boots

We start perhaps with the best known boots, a traditional design usually is leather and often use unusual materials such as crocodil.e or snakeskin, the finishes are very careful and embroidery will surely give an elegant twist to any outfit with jeans and hat.

Work Boots

Despite their name they are not exclusive to rough activities, their design is very tough, most include a cap and liner that protects your fingers, the sole is thick, perfect for walking on any terrain. They are by far a symbol of masculinity.

Urban Boots

They have the most varied designs and features vary from one model to another. These boots are comfortable and light unlike the previous two, their materials can be from skin to textiles. These kind of boots bid more for the design, seasonal colors predominate and offer various forms of placement for the creative touch to your casual look needs.

Military Boots

Their name might seem very strict, but they are a model that is regaining strength on and off the catwalk. They are characterized by their stiffness over the entire length of the boot, usually are leather but also you can find canvas. The sole is very sturdy. Tip: the pants can go inside or outside of the boot.

Rain boots

It is common for men to wear rain boots, but it’s just a prejudice or lack of proposed models with plastic boots. Aigle benyl boots are in this category and they are excellent. Black or white are not the most appropriate, but the range of designs has expanded in this rainy season and can keep your feet protected and not put aside the style.

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