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I love wearing flats for many reasons aside from having variety of choices on real stores and online shopping sites.   Since it has no heels that can accidentally make you fall or trip over it’s safe for women like me who walks fast and always seem to rush when going to office.  Yes it means a lot when you’re a commuter because it helps when people are rushing over to get a ride and when you want to walk the rest of your way.  It’s also very comfortable and convenient even when you’re working.

Well with all these advantages the best part is that you’re comfortable while being stylish and trendy as there seems to have hundreds of styles, designs and colors to choose from so you can really define your identity with the right pairing of clothes and shoes.  It’s like creating your own unique image without spending too much.  Remember that most of the times flats cost lesser than the high-heeled shoes depending on the brand of course.

As I really like wearing those cute and nicely designed flats I’m always searching for the new products from Zalora with their flats ranging from P199 and up.

Above pics are some of my choices from their ballet flats:
Scarlet Ebral flats.  Classy, posh and charming
Spring Fling Lara Pointed Flats.  Modern, classy and very casual
Scarlet Lodema Ballet Flats.  Sweet feminine, fun and stylish
CLN Marianne Ballet Flats.  Classic, fashionable  and great alternative to heels

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