Fashion in Music

My daughter is showing signs of her fashion style with the latest dresses she bought with my sister.  I can say that she has a different fashion sense with clothes compared with her elder sister.  My eldest is feminine and loves dressy clothes while she prefers a simple but defined cut and designs.  While her sister goes for the bold colors and designs she on the other hand chooses light and stylish lines.  Anyway I’m positive that they both have good taste no matter how different they are with dressing.

When it comes to music they share the same interest as they both love piano and guitar.  They also love putting style into their musical instruments choosing nice pickup like dave murray strat to use in playing their guitar.  I guess fashion can also be stated even in music as instrumentalists and singers go good fashion sense too when I watch them onscreen.  Music can be fashionable as you can choose special musical instruments and accessories when you want to be a stylish musician.

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