Shopping for Church’ Musical Instruments

Since the cold weather stayed for quite a period I’d like to shop for warm clothes because it will not be wasted as we’re now planning another vacation in Baguio end of this year. Shopping would be nice next month because stores would have grand sale at discount process because they’ll give out most of their stocks to give way for the next season which is summer. I’m really expecting a grand quarterly mall wide sale and I’m hopeful I’ll have some budget for these things.

Same with clothes we also plan on shopping for our church musical instruments to replace malfunctioning guitar and amplifier. Now I’m doing the canvas online to save me time in searching and looking for prices as it takes time to compare and search for the best deals when you look literally on mall stores. It’s easier and more convenient when you do it online like looking for danelectro amp at Guitar Center which is one of our needed musical items in the church. Anyway we’re saving money for it and in time I hope we’ll be able to buy it at competitive cost. We need it to buy quality brand so it will serve us for a long period of time.

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