What Are the Services Offered by a Dealership?


When you are searching for a new vehicle, you have a variety of purchase options, from private sellers to independent dealerships to franchise dealerships. Franchise dealerships have a contract with a specific vehicle manufacturer to sell that manufacturer’s vehicles. Under the contract, the dealership is allowed to include the manufacturer’s brand in their name in return for the promise that the dealership will meet the customer service and training requirements of the vehicle manufacturer. As a result, these dealerships often offer more services than simply selling new or used vehicles. To learn more about the specific services offered by a dealership, visit premiermazdakc.com or similar websites.

Used and New Vehicles

Because they obtain their merchandise directly from the vehicle manufacturer along with from customer trade-ins, most franchise dealerships will offer you a wide selection of both new and used vehicles. Independent dealerships, on the other hand, tend to only acquire their inventory from customer trade-ins, auctions, private sellers, and other such methods. As a result, their merchandise generally tends to be used vehicles only. Franchise dealerships also usually have the ability to offer accessories directly from the vehicle manufacturer, as well as a variety of package options for new vehicles. They will often have a variety of financing options as well, including the ability to lease a new vehicle. Warranties and service packages will generally be through the manufacturer, which will make them recognized at any franchise dealership rather than that specific dealership only.

Service Centers

Due to their heavy focus on meeting customer service standards of the vehicle manufacturer, many franchise dealerships offer service centers in addition to their sales floor. The mechanics who work at these service centers must meet training requirements of the vehicle manufacturer for their specific vehicles. This means the mechanics are usually trained specifically to care for your make and model of vehicle. Many will also include a parts center where OEM parts created just for your vehicle can be ordered and obtained, and they may have a body shop that specializes in collision repair and other body repair. For more information about the services available to you at a nearby dealership, visit PremierMazdaKC.com or similar websites.

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