Surviving The Storm

Whether it is a severe storm or another reason to fear for your life, survival gear is important to have. You can create a survival kit for your family, but you need to know what to have. Begin with a box that is big enough to hold all of your supplies. Find an area in the home, or build an area outside that will keep your family safe through the storm or any kind of doomsday related activities.

When you have the area established, you can begin adding supplies. Store enough water so that each person has a gallon per day for at least three days. Clothes also need to be included for warm and cold weather. If you have a baby, then you need to have diapers, wipes and formula or baby food that will not perish. Food should be items that are nonperishable. These would include canned foods and boxed items that you can prepare without electricity. A supply of first aid items should also be kept in your box. Band-Aids, alcohol wipes and antibiotic creams are good to have on hand. Other items that you can include in your survival shelter are toys for children so that they have something to do, a television operated by batteries and flashlights.

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