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Shopping for precious jewelry is made easy thanks to dealers that have their own websites. Customers can browse large selections of diamond jewelry that could be shipped or picked up at a local dealer. When looking for diamond rings, it is important to carefully consider some of the critical features. According to GIA standards, diamonds are graded based on four different parameters.

The color of a diamond stone may be light, faint or colorless. The highest quality diamonds are crystal clear as they are considered to lack any color. The clarity scale of this precious gemstone varies between flawless and included. The term inclusion refers to any imperfections that are trapped within the crystalline structures of the stone. A flawless rating is the highest quality that a diamond could get on the clarity scale. Diamonds are also cut specifically to optimize the amount of light that is transmitted and reflected inside. An excellent diamond cut provides a brilliant appearance full of total internal reflections and a visible rainbow spectrum from.

To get an idea of the relative size of a diamond stone, a carat is the unit that’s used for such a description. On the metric scale, a single carat is equivalent to exactly 200 milligrams. A 5 carat diamond stone is considered to be quite large in the jewelry industry. Customers can shop for diamonds based on all four major features. Additionally, it’s possible to select different jewelry settings such as gold, sterling silver and other colorful precious gems.

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