Maximizing Your Wardrobe

chictees-5828-29546-1-productLooking for a way to maximize your wardrobe? Try buying some really nice skirts and blouses and match them with your existing ones. You should have the basic colors of skirts and blouses like white, black, blue, red, brown and any other color that you want and match them with skirt in beautiful prints or have nicely printed blouses match with plain colored skirts. Whatever is your mood that will define if you want it simple, stylish or completely fashionable?

Nice clothing gives confidence to women and when matched with the just right bag, shoes and accessories you’re already complete. I prefer longer skirts and I always have some flair for frills and girlish style in blouses but when I go to work my attire is usually simple and corporate. We have no uniform and we can wear whatever we like but if there’s a dress code there are days that we should be in corporate attire and at time in casual attire only.

Saw this ruffle skirt from Zalora Philippines’ online store. The skirt is one of Chictees’ variety of clothing for women of all sizes and personal preferences in fashion. Love the color of the skirt and it’s perfect for your black blouse or any plain colored blouse you might have in mind. It’s modern, stylish and very feminine.

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