Great Finds – Outfit for the Holiday Vacation


As early as now we’re seriously planning our outfit in our holiday vacation in the coolest part of the country, in Baguio City where we will have fellowship and vacation as well. It’s our fourth time to visit our favorite holiday place as a group. We’re a group of around 60 members who travels away from our home to conduct our camp meeting fellowship in faraway places.

In 2011 we started our long journey to Baguio city to enjoy the holiday season. The weather in that city is far different from our place which is a typical tropical area so we need to buy suitable clothes to wear for the kind of weather there and it’s nice to find an online shop like which caters for beautiful women’s clothing.


I love browsing through their wide variety of blouses, skirts and accessories at where I found just the right style, make and colors for my teen daughters. You know I have two young ladies and it’s a bit stressful if we buy on a rush shopping. It’s better to look for the things we need early than go through with it on holiday haste.


Well I’m so happy to find some cardigans here because I need to add more to my collection and also for my dear daughters who want to be warm but stylish as well. They don’t want to look so old with the traditional sweaters so they browse here to suit their taste.

1440113699456-P-29919601442536474460-P-3138989They also love some more long sleeve shirts to wear under the cardigans for a complete warm outfit to beat the cold weather of the famous summer capital city. Anyway I found a number of nice dresses for me too even if my size is a bit bigger now :-). With these finds I suddenly feel excited for the coming vacation and birthday treat also as I’m a December celebrant also.

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