Shopping for Home and Music Essentials

Holiday shopping is almost finished except for those who still have one or two things to buy for the ones they still have to give gifts. I have observed that mall stores still have their holiday decors and festive ambiance. Now it’s even more fun when it comes to prices as most of them offer big discounts maybe because they have to let go of their holiday stocks.

After Christmas season the stores would have to change their stocks to the next holiday or occasion coming our way like Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day so it would be best to deplete their Christmas stocks to make way for the next occasion. Well I’m really waiting for this changing of occasion as most home essentials are on big sale too.

We recently bought a new sofa bed and clothes cabinet for this coming year, a practice we usually do every new year – buy something new for the house for a more pleasing ambiance or sometimes to organize things we found messy in the past months. We’re also buying some new musical instruments like nuno bettencourt or keyboards for the kids but we’re giving ourselves a time for canvassing either online or offline.

The kids need to practice their craft more so they will be ready to be trained for church musicians. As they have flair and talent in music it would be best to use it first in our church service to give back the glory to Him who gave all the talents to them.

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