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I’m quite busy these days with the new project that we’ve started in the office.  The project is about bridges and since my two other projects are not yet fully finished I have to do some multi-tasking works as I’m the Administrative Officer of all the mentioned projects.  The company also updated my status from project-based to head office which made my tasks multiplied to the nth times.  Well as they say it’s good to have a stable job and so it is then I have my very stable and very stable job again after returning to the company but I see no difference at all with my rates except that my work multiplied.

Now I’m thinking of giving myself some rewards for good work done not just in my corporate world but to my business at home as well.  I’ve been thinking a lot about a selling business at home and we’ve started a bit with cold delights and hope to start the supplies for school next month.  Back to rewarding myself I want to buy some new office clothes in the next few weeks as I found my clothes a little old already and some are out of fashion also.  Anyway I don’t want to invest on expensive ones as I will only be using it at work so cheap tops for women will be fine as long as I like the style and it’s fashionable enough for corporate office.


Shopping is like a sport with women as it relaxes the mind and gives some sort of happiness.  It’s actually a stress-reliever for some because shopping is really fun and you’ll forget your worries if you’re buying some beautiful clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.  It’s as they say girl’s best friend and I kind of agree with that.  Well I’m not a heavy shopper but I still love shopping not just for myself but for the whole family.

My office mates branded me as very fond of online shopping and that’s because I found it very smart to do your shopping online with lots of good deals and discounts like buying some nice cheap tops from a good online clothes shop.  It doesn’t only give you value for your money but finding the best fashionable and stylish clothes as well.  It’s not just convenient but time-saving also.


Finding is a plus as you will be able to search, compare and buy discounted blouses in the comfort of your home or even at break times at work.  I myself found a lot not just for my everyday office clothes but for my daughter’s school clothes in college.  It’s very ideal for a busy Mom like me.

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