The New Drummer Girl

Gen is now gearing on a new field of interest in musical instrument as she starts learning how to play drums. It wasn’t her choice in the first place as she was only assigned to play in a band for the Industrial Engineering Week. She was member of the band who played also in her freshman year but she played the beat box then.

She was really eyeing the keyboard or guitar but there’s no one in the class who can play drums and they picked her up as they said she can learn faster than any of them. It was a challenge for her and she was able to handle and play the drums for the first time the day before the presentation.

It was both a happy and exciting moment for her especially when she was interviewed. They need an intermission when the sounds failed so the host made some interview on her. She told Gen that she played well and asked the years she has been playing drums.

When she answered that she only played a day before the presentation everyone laughed and clapped their hands on her. Wow quite an audience…the whole IE of PUP…praising her on not just playing well but the courage to do so.

Well she’s glad she made it on a one-day tutorial and nobody ever guessed it was her first time. Now she want to master playing drums and browsed on drumsticks like aj3 and some other accessories to start her new career of being a drummer girl. Proud mom here.

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