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Choosing Quality Baby Products

It’s always a happy thought when someone in the family or one of your friends gives birth. Babies are always a happy addition to a family and with the coming of little angels everybody seems to be busy with thinking … Continue reading

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Birth Announcements

My friend who is on the family way now is very excited about her forthcoming delivery of baby that she’s planning to have birth announcements soon. She’s hoping that it would be a baby boy because it’s going to be … Continue reading

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Memories of their Baby Years

Nine months of pregnancy has passed at last and the day comes when a mother gives birth to a child. I can still remember the happiness that my 3 baby births have given us. I have 3 kids now and … Continue reading

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For Our Babies at Home

We have babies in our compound and they make us happier as we see them every day smile to greetings given to them. I just wonder is they’re using strollers like bob revolution se because they seem so active with … Continue reading

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Joint Baptismal

My cousin gave birth last month just three weeks after her younger sister had delivered hers and the younger sibling was complaining that she had purposely planned same period of pregnancy. Of course that’s only part of their teasing but … Continue reading

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Papush Walking Infant Shoes

Looking for nice leather casual walking shoes for your lovable infants? Many of my cousins and friends have delivered little cutie babies for the past several months and in searching for something useful for gifts I’ve found these quality and … Continue reading

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