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Starting The Year with the Job of Your Choice

It’s the first month of the year and many things are associated with this first month. Many believe that whatever you do on the first days of January it will be somewhat like what will happen to you in the … Continue reading

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Finance Staffing Agencies

I graduated from college with a degree in computer engineering but several years of working landed me into various jobs and field of work totally different from what I learned in school. My former boss for 16 years trained me … Continue reading

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Discovering Her Photography Skills

My friend’s greatest hobby and passion is photography and though she has not taken a professional course on it she learned it through practice and self study. She has an online writing job and when it reached a low peak … Continue reading

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Learning New Jobs

Since I graduated from college I’ve been employed in various works and assigned to different fields that I didn’t studied for. I was trained to become an Accounting Head, a Human Resource Officer, an Administrator and many other jobs not … Continue reading

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Management Job Offers

My nephew graduated today on his B.S. Psychology degree and looking forward to find an exciting and well compensated job in the next few weeks. Actually the school has some offers awaiting his approval because he has served the school … Continue reading

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Online Job Opportunities

Seeking good-paying job is not that easy but I believe that for those who really aim for it can get themselves employed faster. There are many ways that you can be employed either by applying personally, looking at newspaper ads … Continue reading

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