The Shopping Continues

The long holiday has ended but shopping will never stop as long as you need more clothes, bags, shoes and all fashionable items for your daily and  occasion  needs.  We  all  need  all these things for our personal and work  related necessities. Being fashionable  never stops at attending special occasions, events  and parties  but  on  your  work  as  well.  It  doesn’t matter if you’re in the top management,  supervisory  status or in the rank file only as you can set your own fashion sense on any type of clothing  needed in your work. Style is what matters most so just fashion now and define your unique  style.   You should be able to set your unique fashion style that mirrors your character and personality.

Now if you need some help in finding out some nice clothing and accessories you can visit StyleWe for stylish dresses and accessories that fits  them –  bags,  wallets,  hats,  clutches, gloves and even jewelry. I visited the site myself and found a 3/4 Sleeve Crocheted Elegant A-line Lace Maxi  Dress  in  my  favorite  shades  of  blue green,  just  what  I  need  for  my daughter’s 18th birthday. Well I was just lucky they have beautiful  maxi  dresses  on  their site and found the right lace material I love.


Well  they  provide  a  good  shopping  source site  for women of  all  ages,  sizes  and  style preferences  like  the  work overalls,  beautiful  tops,  knitwear,  sportswear, outdoor wear, bottoms and a lot more. Now that weather is still  low  and  feels  so cold it’s a necessity to wear  around  some  jackets,  hood  and  warm  clothes  like the Denim  Buttoned  Pockets Casual  Shirt Collar Cropped Jacket  I  found at the  site.  I really  found  Stylewe  a helpful fashion   site  and  you  can  read  some  StyleWe  review  for  ideas  and  glimpses  of  their products.

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School Musical Play Prep

My husband’s senior students are preparing for their presentation in the upcoming school program activities and they have chosen a song and dance musical drama which they will practice at least thrice a week after class. With this activity in mind they will need laptop, amplifier, microphones and a good recording gadget like tascam us-122 or anything that will be able to record in clear audio and video and should be able to play back music video files in high quality.

In this activity the school has set aside few prizes for the group that will present not just a good musical story play but the group with the best team work that will deliver the story in good coordination with all the members of the play.  The school wants to develop a good and friendly comradeship among students even though they’re still young so when they grow older and begin their career they will be good team workers.

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The New Drummer Girl

Gen is now gearing on a new field of interest in musical instrument as she starts learning how to play drums. It wasn’t her choice in the first place as she was only assigned to play in a band for the Industrial Engineering Week. She was member of the band who played also in her freshman year but she played the beat box then.

She was really eyeing the keyboard or guitar but there’s no one in the class who can play drums and they picked her up as they said she can learn faster than any of them. It was a challenge for her and she was able to handle and play the drums for the first time the day before the presentation.

It was both a happy and exciting moment for her especially when she was interviewed. They need an intermission when the sounds failed so the host made some interview on her. She told Gen that she played well and asked the years she has been playing drums.

When she answered that she only played a day before the presentation everyone laughed and clapped their hands on her. Wow quite an audience…the whole IE of PUP…praising her on not just playing well but the courage to do so.

Well she’s glad she made it on a one-day tutorial and nobody ever guessed it was her first time. Now she want to master playing drums and browsed on drumsticks like aj3 and some other accessories to start her new career of being a drummer girl. Proud mom here.

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Early Shopping for Gifts

Since it’s the first month of the longest holiday season people are starting to wrap up their list and beginning to think of gift ideas for their loved ones. Some have long list of family, relatives and friends that they need to do the planning early in time, rush shopping is not advisable if you want to get the best deals in town. Early shopping is by far the best solution when you want to be stress-free on holiday season. By buying your gifts ahead of time you’ll be able to buy your things in groups in your own relaxed time without the pressure of getting all your needs immediately thus hurting your budget in one bulk payment.

It will be also easier if you do it online as nowadays most shops have their online counterparts which make it easy for the busy workers to do their shopping in the convenience of their home or during break time in their workplace. For those who fancies musical instruments and accessories it’s good to browse high quality items at guitar center. They also have fine musical items which can complete your music collection or even fill up your audio room. Try visiting their site and you’ll be happy with what they have to offer.

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Kids Preference in Shopping

Most kids like to shop for toys, games and gadgets because those are the things that they want to play with when they’re free from school and home chore activities. After all their only free time is when weekend comes just like my own kids. Well with my daughters who are in college they don’t have enough time to play because weekends are also used for studying and the only one who can give in to playing is my son who has reached his teens but still a playful kid.

Well playing for them doesn’t mean tinkering on online games only but harnessing their skills on musical instruments as well. Playing music is such a relaxing way for them to rest their mind from the pressures of studies. It’s a good remedy especially when they get to see some of buffet crampon range of musical instruments because it inspires them to learn more. They also want to have one of those beautiful instruments.

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Shopping for Musical Items

Most women love shopping for clothes, bags and accessories but I know some prefer gadgets than dressing up. The current trend now is being fashionable not only in your looks but also in your phones, tablets or whatever techie gadgets you may have. Technology has eaten up human’s interest when it comes to hobbies and recreations with people getting so crazy over the latest smart phones and related gadgets. Most of the times they choose to use their extra money for these items rather than other necessities as they find the need to cope up with the latest innovations not to mention that they get so interested with online sites.

Well with this kind of generation we’re living in there are still some who prefers to do the old school type of hobbies like reading, playing board games and playing musical instruments. I can see this in my kids and I love the way they like learning and playing musical instruments when they have free time.

They also play games online but they manage to balance their online and offline activities. Sometimes they would come to me and ask me to check out best guitar center yamaha subwoofer or other musical accessories they want to buy in the future. Shopping online for musical items seems so interesting for them just like their Mom.

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Finding My Dreams in My Kids’ Hearts

Shopping for gadgets and home appliances makes me happy but I also love musical instruments especially that my kids are really into learning some of the best sounding instruments. Since I was a kid I love singing and also love to learn guitar but didn’t find the time to master the craft. I did play some chords in college but was too busy with my studies that until now it’s just a dream. Well not so sad about it because I found my way into writing which is my first love and into cooking. Not all dreams are fulfilled but having them always in my heart makes me go through life with inspiration.

When my kids started to grow I found all of my dreams in their hearts. My eldest love cooking, my second daughter plays guitar, keyboards and other instruments and my youngest loves writing and he’s very good at it even at a young age of 12. They all love music and play musical instruments but Gen has the most talent and skills in playing while the other two can sing nicely. I would love having them record a good piece of music in elektron octatrack. It would be a good audio for our home studio. Now I’m happier with my simple dreams reflecting in my kids.

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Fashionable Tops for Office and Social Wear


I’m quite busy these days with the new project that we’ve started in the office.  The project is about bridges and since my two other projects are not yet fully finished I have to do some multi-tasking works as I’m the Administrative Officer of all the mentioned projects.  The company also updated my status from project-based to head office which made my tasks multiplied to the nth times.  Well as they say it’s good to have a stable job and so it is then I have my very stable and very stable job again after returning to the company but I see no difference at all with my rates except that my work multiplied.

Now I’m thinking of giving myself some rewards for good work done not just in my corporate world but to my business at home as well.  I’ve been thinking a lot about a selling business at home and we’ve started a bit with cold delights and hope to start the supplies for school next month.  Back to rewarding myself I want to buy some new office clothes in the next few weeks as I found my clothes a little old already and some are out of fashion also.  Anyway I don’t want to invest on expensive ones as I will only be using it at work so cheap tops for women will be fine as long as I like the style and it’s fashionable enough for corporate office.


Shopping is like a sport with women as it relaxes the mind and gives some sort of happiness.  It’s actually a stress-reliever for some because shopping is really fun and you’ll forget your worries if you’re buying some beautiful clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.  It’s as they say girl’s best friend and I kind of agree with that.  Well I’m not a heavy shopper but I still love shopping not just for myself but for the whole family.

My office mates branded me as very fond of online shopping and that’s because I found it very smart to do your shopping online with lots of good deals and discounts like buying some nice cheap tops from a good online clothes shop.  It doesn’t only give you value for your money but finding the best fashionable and stylish clothes as well.  It’s not just convenient but time-saving also.


Finding is a plus as you will be able to search, compare and buy discounted blouses in the comfort of your home or even at break times at work.  I myself found a lot not just for my everyday office clothes but for my daughter’s school clothes in college.  It’s very ideal for a busy Mom like me.

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Shopping for Music Things

It’s always fun shopping for the things you love best and for my kids it’s not only toys and personal things that make them happy but things for their music fondness as well. Gen has slightly different taste from other girls her age. She prefers strumming her guitar on her free time than shopping for girly things. Well she also shops for her accessories but not until she finished all her drawing plates and played her musical instruments.

I believe that young ladies have different preferences and hobbies and my kids might have inherited their flair for music from my Mom’s father who played great music in his time. I’m only wondering what could possibly my grandpa’s reaction when he sees guitar center cincinnati. He might think it’s awesome because in his time musical instruments are much simpler than this generation’s highly innovative instruments. Well he died several decades ago and it’s just a thought thinking of what he might say.

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Shopping for Corporate and Nice Dresses

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It’s another year again and a lot of new things are coming my way like a new project job for me.  I’m still in my current company but I’ll be finishing my two projects in a month just in time for the start of my bridge construction project.  It’s good news for me and I’m excited about this one as it’s my first time to handle bridge project as an Administrative Officer.  I bought a new clothes cabinet and when I had an inventory I noticed that I have plenty of clothes but most are old already.  I think it’s time to buy new clothes especially corporate or office clothes to make working more enjoyable.

Women love having plenty of clothes to choose from when they think of clothes to wear at work.  It’s also required to dress properly according to your type of work and position in the company you work for.  I always make an effort to dress in simple corporate attire when I go to work so it will not be an awkward moment when a sudden meeting comes up or my boss will include me in his meeting with the boss of the other companies. As they say it’s better to be over-dressed than be under-dressed.

As my time is limited due to mommy and wife duties when I got home it’s very convenient to do my shopping online when I really need to get some clothes to use not just for my work but for my social functions as well. I’m really glad that I can find some really nice  online dresses that suit my needs.  It’s not just time-saving but budget-saving too because I get to find good deals and coupon codes as well.

Well I’ve been doing online shopping for years when I buy gadgets, home essentials, shoes and accessories so it’s also good to do it for my clothes collection.  My daughters love it too and they’re helping me choose the best clothes for me and for them too.  It’s a bonding shopping for us. You can try it for yourself but be sure to find the best style and fashion that will look best on you.  Have fun ladies.

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