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We’re preparing for our yearly camp meeting fellowship this December and I’m making my final list now for the things that we need to bring. We’re going to stay at the camp for four days and we’re going to bring all we need for our food, clothes, medicine, musical instruments and other basic essentials. We used to bring everything because we always held our camp meeting on faraway places where no stores can be found. This year we changed our venue and reserved a camp near our place, actually just the town after ours but in the hilly areas. It’s a prayer garden of another born-again Christian group that my daughter has attended to in their school retreat. I’m going to need some new camping backpacks for the girls because they outgrew their small camping bags they used to bring. Suddenly their clothes became bigger and they have more girl things now that they need bigger bags. Time flies so fast!

Anyway that’s for our camp fellowship only but I need more items for my kids for their school sports events like sports gear, sports equipment and running shoes but I don’t have the time now to go to malls, search and buy those in these times because I can’t shop with so much crowd. It’s exciting to shop but when there are many people around it feels stressful. I’m glad that I found Shopwiki few years back because I can find, search and compare the price of things I need in their variety of stores on site.

With their wide range of available stores with brands I love my shopping is a delightful thing to do. I just saw some bike shoes for my second kid which she needs these days as she always circle the park on free afternoons when she’s not in school. She loves biking so much that I want her to have the right shoes for biking. It’s easy finding everything for the kids, house, electronics, garden, autos, computers and more. Best thing is you can buy it online in the comfort of your home.

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