Very Special Gift

I had some fun with my high school friends last Friday on my pre-birthday celebration. What’s more exciting was when we thought of celebrating it at my best friend’s house. DH keeps asking why we had that idea but I only told him it was just a passing thought at the start. Anyway my family was there and I’m glad they enjoyed it too especially my kids who had some fun with Jen’s niece and nephew. I can call that day as something very personal because I only invited few friends. I had some nice gifts too, nothing as elegant as personalized bday jewelry which I find so chic and pretty but I had a very special personalized pouch bag with my family picture on it. DH, my kids and I like the special unique character of the gift. Of course it was given by none other than my BFF Jen and I’m keeping it in my cabinet rather than using it because I want to preserve its uniqueness. I just love it!

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