The Four Pillars of the Purchase of Diamonds

If you are looking to purchase diamonds then it is very likely that there is a special occasion coming with regard to a very important woman in your life. Purchasing diamonds is something that you should be very careful about because of the kind of money that is involved. The obvious question that must be planted in your mind right now is how you can evaluate the quality of the diamond that you are considering buying. Here are the four pillars of diamond buying.

  1. Cut:  
The cut, as the term suggests, is how the diamond has been cut for use. It can be seen in two ways. The first is the number of facets that a diamond has. Facets would decide the level of sparkle that the diamond will have. The other aspect of the cut of a diamond is its actual shape i.e. round, triangle, oval etc. Cut is important because it would determine the diamond’s use and beauty.
  2. Clarity:  
Clarity again influences the kind of sparkle that the diamond will be able to generate. Clarity is, basically, the purity level of the diamonds which is mainly dependent on the number, shape, size and location of defects in the diamond. The better the clarity rating of a diamond the higher quality and more expensive it will be.
  3. Carat:  
Carat is the universal unit of measurement for diamonds. It is the weight of the diamond. One thing you should always be aware of when purchasing diamonds is that a larger diamond would be way more expensive than a few small diamonds of the same cumulative carat.
  4. Color:  
As is obvious, the clearer the diamond is the more it will sparkle and be pretty. This is why clear diamonds are the most expensive in the world today. However, you should note that buying colored diamonds is fast becoming a trend.

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