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This generation has a lot to offer in terms of modern gadgets, high technology innovations and software tools that help you make the best usage for your computer and mobile gadgets. Now it’s not that hard to get your favorite books, games, puzzle, platform software, videos, music and a lot more. You only have to visit sites that will allow you such privileges and you’ll have it. Some of these you can buy online but you can find free downloadable items for your specific needs and requirements. Here are some of the free useful downloads that I found online:

1. Calibre Downloads
My friends who love E-book want to organize her collections and this is what she needs. Calibre is a free and open source e-book management tool that allows you to organize, save and manage e-books, in and between a variety of formats. The site can teach you how to install Calibre and lets you convert your E-book to any electronic eReader device.

2. Desktop Tower Defense
For those who enjoy mazes, puzzles and strategic computer games like my kids this one if for you as it will surely bring excitement to your playing time. Desktop TD is a kind of strategy game where you have to protect your desktop from invaders. The mazes are build for the intruders to follow and the excitement of the game begins. This game is a brain workout game as it needs an active mind to win the game. They’ve explained their scoring system so beginners won’t be confused.

3. FileZilla Download
My work sometimes demands huge file transferring and uploading and if I don’t have a user-friendly program like FileZilla it would be tasking for me. FileZilla is an open source reliable software that answers your file transfer needs. It’s the best solution for uploading or transferring files to a website where you only have to drag the file to where you want it to be transferred. It’s the most convenient way to upload your files to the internet without the cost.

4. FreeMind Download
This FreeMind mapping software is a free tool that allows the user to create a mind map to write essays and brainstorm ideas. This is good for those who are involved in essay or story writing wherein putting a story together will be an easy task. It’s an amazing thought and process mapping tool that can help you manage ideas.

5. YouTube Downloader
If you like to download videos YouTube, Yahoo Video or from social networking sites like Facebook and adapt it to other formats of your choice you can use this YouTube it downloader. It’s a powerful utility tool that will let you download videos from YouTube and change the formats for their mobile phone, MP3 devices and iPod.

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