Memories of their Baby Years

Nine months of pregnancy has passed at last and the day comes when a mother gives birth to a child. I can still remember the happiness that my 3 baby births have given us. I have 3 kids now and all of them always celebrated their first birthday here in our house. Truly preparation were not quite easy and as a working Mom I have allotted more time to decide what food to prepare on their first birthdays. I’ve learned to prepare things and foods that are commonly expected by children in attending a birthday party especially cakes and balloons which are commonly the center of the party.

I knew that all of this need much of my ability and effort, all the tiredness will fade when you see your child happy especially when she open those personalized baby gifts given by the party guests and sponsors. Most of the gifts were toys, clothes, drawing books and musical instruments. All of these things are captured in our memories and when they grow old they will see memories of their birthdays and gifts on their photo albums.

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