Learning New Jobs

Since I graduated from college I’ve been employed in various works and assigned to different fields that I didn’t studied for. I was trained to become an Accounting Head, a Human Resource Officer, an Administrator and many other jobs not related to my Computer Engineering degree. Now that I’m heading to a different job again which is about logistics and shipment I’m looking forward to learning the craft and getting excited at the fun of learning it. With all the hardship of learning new job comes the joy of tackling another foreign work to me. I hope that I can handle with less mistakes and deliver my work with the same dedication that I had in my past work employment.

When I’m thinking about it I surmised that it’s the same challenge as when you handle delicate works like Pediatrician Jobs or some medical jobs that needs careful delivery, strong willpower, commitment and outstanding skills in treating patients. For sure I’m not meant for medical jobs although I have compassion for the sick and weak. I’m more inclined with social welfare should I will be given a chance. Who knows? Maybe after several years I’ll be trying another kind of job again.

About race

I'm a Mom with three kids juggling between my corporate work and online writing job. This is my site about gift ideas, deals, shopping and technology.
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