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It’s been almost 6 months since I returned to working in corporate office again and I’m now adjusted to it. It’s my fear that I would quit in few months time when I started but now I’m getting accustomed to working again. Working at home for two previous years had made my life different and now that I returned to an 8-5 schedule again I’m doing a lot of adjusting. In my new work place we’re renting a suite in one of the tower buildings in business district area and I’m very well satisfied with the amenities they’ve been providing.

We’re renting a 200plus sq.m. office area with a bathroom and pantry area looking out at the beautiful adjacent buildings around the area. It’s a nice place and even made better by the addition of new rest rooms on our floor with the best quality tiles installed. Sometimes we used the rest rooms outside our office because it happens to be just a few steps from our suite. I observed that they’ve installed granite tiles just like the bathroom granite counters Austin I’ve seen online. I’ve always been a lover of granite tiles because I find it elegant, good to look at and with the best quality that’s made to last for years. I want things that I can enjoy for longer period of time which is the reason why I really prefer quality.

Well if you’re looking for elegant and quality granite countertops you can be assured that you can find it at Fox Granite where granite installation Austin is their specialization. They provide professional installation service for granite countertops in San Antonio and Austin at affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of services and products. They offer wide range of products to choose from. They have different cuts; quartz, marble and granite slabs; porcelain and stainless steel sinks; various tile designs and colors and a lot more choices for your specific requirements. They do kitchen countertops, bathroom and other areas of home that will need granite counter tops. Their granite installation services are backed up with a 15-year warranty.

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