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Eye is one of the most important organs in our body and delivers the most special function of our body and that’s seeing the wonderful creations of God. It’s sad to think that many people lost their sight for many reasons. I also had minor eye problem when I was entering my college years and my Mom had me wear prescription eyeglasses since then to protect from nearsightedness from getting worse. Some students wouldn’t want to wear eyeglasses in my time as they don’t want to look old and they don’t want the uncomfortable feeling of wearing glasses. I don’t have that kind of thinking as I believe in what my optical doctor told me that we can prevent further damage if I get to wear my glasses all the time especially when I’m studying.

Up until now with the fast phase of changing eyeglasses fashion I still got my eyeglasses but it’s like a natural thing to me only. I’m not burdened with it as it gives me the right vision I need when I’m working in my office and in my house too. Luckily my eyes didn’t increased its grade that much as what my doctor assured me in the past but I heard this Lasik surgery that they’re performing now like that with Dr. Branch Austin which performs variety of surgeries like eyelid surgery, cataract and the very advanced eye surgery technology of Lasik.

He established Vision Center of Texas to offer the best care for his eye patients. Doctor Branch eye doctor provides routine eye examinations as well as specialized eye treatment and surgeries using the most advanced technology in the field of Ophthalmology. Their clinic offers the treatment with compassion and caring as if the patients are their family also which helps in the fast recovery of patients helping not only their patients but the community as well.

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