My Health Benefits

I’ve just received my health card last week from our provider. I’m very happy that my current employer included such health benefit like this one because you’ll never really know what will happen to you when you’re working and traveling from your house to your work. Having a health card gives me something that I can use for my dental and medical requirements. The plan that my employer gave us all in the office almost covers all sickness and added the dental and annual check up package. He has chosen the best provider for us that didn’t require us to be checked before the plan enrollment.

Now I’m just scheduling my time before I will ask for dental appointment and later the necessary annual medical examination, at least I don’t have to think of the expenses that goes with the examinations because I’ll just give them my card. It gives me some peace of mind that my family would never have a problem about finances when I got sick just like when a person have whole life insurance. As my friend told me few weeks ago life insurance gives him assurance that no matter what happens his family will have something to see them through when he’s not there anymore to support them. Well it’s my friend’s point of view about securing his family and I respect his opinion.

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