Protect Yourself

I’ve been hearing a lot about issues and news on credit card hacking and illegal use that I’m thinking if I will have to close my own credit card for security purposes. It’s not only once or twice that this kind of bad incident happened to my friends because almost twice a month I would read some tweets about their cards being used by others. It’s really a risk most of the times to use it on restaurants or stores that you’re not able to see how it was being swiped or read because my friend told me that certain information were copied during the reading.

Now my friend’s card is put on hold while illegal transactions are being investigated. I wonder if there’s an rfid chip in her card because I think she has to secure protection for it as it can encourage fraud and identity theft. Really modern technologies and innovation gives us comfort and convenience in living but it also leads us to various fraud and risks. Well this is our generation and we just have to be very cautious and vigilant in all our transactions using modern gadgets and cards.

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