Plans on Taking Education Degree

My husband graduated with an Associate degree in Electronics Technology and since it’s part of the ladderized program he can enroll now and continue it to Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Technology. He’ll spend another 2 years and he’ll earn the bachelor’s degree. Anyway he’s still thinking about it and having second thoughts as his earlier plan is to enroll in any education degree like early childhood education degrees or in Secondary education major in TLE. He’ll still be able to use his gained knowledge in electronics technology because majoring in TLE requires skills in such areas.

As for me I will support him in whatever he wants to pursue as electronics and education are two competitive courses in the area of employment. I just thought that teaching suits him more because he has the talent and dedication in that field. He’s very good in teaching our kids and it resembles also in his ministry in the church where he teaches the word of God. He has less than a month to think as their university’s enrollment will start in the middle of the month. He’s still not decided and he also has applications for job. Well we’ve been praying for it and we know that whatever is the will of God for his studies and career it will be done.

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