Side Effects of Diabetes Medicine

Diabetes is a dangerous and very expensive disease and it seems that more people are now diagnosed as diabetic maybe because of the foods we eat. Actually it’s usual that if your parent has diabetes it’s more likely that one of their children will inherit it but bad eating habits can contribute to having this kind of disease as well. Even my mother-in-law had it last year but she’s well and good now. She’s now having maintenance medicine to prevent from re-occurrence of diabetes and to maintain the level of her blood sugar.

I asked about her medicine and made sure that it’s not Actos because I learned that many are filing Actos lawsuit now. This medicine is found to cause serious injuries like heart failure, heart attack, and increased risk of bladder cancer. Those who were affected by side effects should seek the help of Personal Injury lawyers to help claim in products liability. See below lawyers who will put in legal services.

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