Why You Should Own a Nissan Car

Owning a Nissan is a very proud experience. I was extremely confident with my Nissan purchase a few years ago. Some great used Nissan models are available at corona nissan in the used cars section, or check out los angeles nissan for some great deals as well. I’ve personally always favored used cars over newer ones. Both dealerships are two great establishments that I am very thankful I disovered within the California area. My friends had turned me on to these car dealerships after my last one treated me pretty badly. I had bought a car from them (a crappy Toyota Corolla) and was taking it in to get serviced. There was a coupon available for a discounted service fee and I was ready to take full advantage of it.

Although I wouldn’t call myself a full fledged bargain shopper, I knew when it was smart to cut costs and when the extra money would count. So I walked into my dealership all ready to get my car serviced and get out of there, but of course that was exactly what did NOT happen. The representative that I talked to said that the coupon was invalid for this specific dealership. It clearly WAS for the dealership and apparently was just made to get extra business to come by. I said that it was false advertising, and the salesperson told me that if I didn’t like their service to go to another dealership. So that was exactly what I did. I had no reason to pay these people my money when part of what I’m paying for is the customer service as well.

So I visited Buena Park Nissan and the Los Angeles dealerships and both of them had absolutely great customer service and I ended up choosing Buena Park, although Los Angeles was just as nice. Buena Park Nissan has a lot of legitimate specials, discounts and deals. They send out coupons every one in awhile, but usually to get the really good discounts you have to be paying attention to their website. They have a dedicated section available and will show you what exact deals are happening and for how long they are valid. I have never had any trouble using a coupon for either of these dealerships and it has saved me money, time and patience. You should own a Nissan because it is a very rewarding experience and will save you a great amount of money.

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