Super Comfy Loafers


Do you love loafers? Just seeing these loafers above makes me want to walk down to any place I want because they spell comfort.  They’re not just pretty and fashionable but convenient to use as well.  I’m one of those women who love wearing flats because I don’t want to hurt my feet and heels just to feel tall and confident. I don’t mind wearing those shoes with heels it’s just that I don’t want to trip or slip when I’m walking.

For the past few years after I’ve fallen flat on a pavement I swear to myself that I’ll slow down on walking and will never use shoes with heels. I love my safety more than my vanity.  When I’m in the office I sometimes wear shoes with one inch heels but I just keep it in the office not advisable for travel as I might slip lol! Well experiencing a bad fall twice in a row is not easy so I really should be at guard always or I might break my arms or legs. Anyway my husband is also two inches taller than me so that’s make it a valid reason huh!

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