Wipe Hard Drive Forever

My friend is selling his laptop because he wanted a newly released model of his favorite brand. Since he will be able to use his old laptop he will sell it to add the money to buy the new laptop. He just have some worries about his confidential and private data that he has stored on his computer because someone told him that even if he has erased them all a computer expert will be able to retrieve some of the data if they would want it.

I actually know this as in my previous work we have a computer specialist that can search codes that you enter in your computer. He would use a command that will search through everything that you type previously in the computer. I was aware of his ability to do that but he just used it when needed but not to invade on our privacy. What if there’s a computer expert who want to know your confidential codes? This is the reason why we need to wipe hard drive at Iolo.com because they have a DriveScrubber that will permanently erase files, passwords, documents, credit card info, pictures, bank statements and everything that would pose some risk if opened by anyone. It will give you a safe feeling that even if you sell or donate your PC it will be like new.

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