Capturing the Kids’ Performance

When we have camp fellowship we usually prepare choir presentation per group. Our group would always consist of kids, youth, elderly sisters and ministers. Each would prepare chosen song and practice before the fellowship service. The most awaited part is of course on the kids because they will all sing their heart out together with even the smallest of toddlers as long as they want to sing. They’re supervised by the youth president and given enough time to memorize and practice the song.

When they finally perform on our camp fellowship service we would all get our video camera to capture their choir presentation. Everyone gets excited and happy on watching the little kids singing their offered song to the Lord. I was thinking that next time it’s also good to have sony recorder with me so I can capture the whole choir song with clarity and longer recording time. It’s very important to me to store videos of my kids so when they grow up I can go back and reminisce their sweet young memories.

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