Managing Your Online Social Life and Work

My life revolves around both offline and online world as I entered blogging world 5 years ago. I must admit that online world has changed my life tremendously because through learning how to earn by writing reviews I was able to leave my 16 years employment. I never thought that I will have the courage to resign from my regular and stable job. I love my job then but when my time for my family was threatened by work responsibilities and commitment I asked my boss to grant me an early separation.

Before I entered blogging I was hesitant to enter or sign in social networks for fear that my privacy would be at risk but when I realized that it’s the current trend and a must in this modern times I finally joined the first network that was so popular at that time. Now I can say that I’m hooked not because I’m addicted to it but I found several purpose of joining social networks besides the fact that it excites my life also. I met online friends that became closer as the years pass by and found better ways of earning additional income through some online forums.

Well this is my world now which is better than my current office job but sometimes I felt overwhelmed by the number of social networks I joined in because I have fears that I might miss some things if I will not be able to open all of it on a daily basis. As it’s not only my way of communicating with my friends but a channel for my online job I really want to manage my communications all in one place like what can do. It pulls together all your social network updates and messages on your email on one free dashboard. Now you don’t have to organize your numerous accounts to stay connected as they offers account consolidation in one dashboard.

Managing your life in the online world will be so easy now seeing your messages in Facebook, Twitter and other networks will go to one place. It also have additional benefits like finding new contacts easier, control over your online information, search for information yourself and search for people searching for you online. With that benefits you could get from them online management will be an easy task.

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