Gifts From the Heart

When you choose a sponsor for your confirmation, you will want to get them a gift to thank them for guiding you through this process. This does not have to be very expensive or fancy, but should come from the heart. There are a few gift ideas that will work for just about everyone.

Photo Frame

An appropriate  gift for confirmation sponsor would be a photo of you in a nice frame. This could also be a photo of you with your sponsor. Choose a photo frame that is religious in nature. For example, one with a cross, a dove, a bible verse or a psalm. This gift should represent you and your sponsor and be a memoir of your confirmation day.

Thank You Angel

This is a nice gift that your sponsor can place on their fireplace mantel or another nice display area. These angels are very simple, but their meaning is immense. You are essentially thanking your sponsor for watching over you while providing them with a gift that will watch over them.

Special Cross

You can find crosses that have special messages on them, bible verses or psalms. Choose something that has meaning for your sponsor. These crosses can often be found in types that can be hung on the wall or they will have a little stand on the back so that they can be placed on a table.

Lapel Pin

This is a gift that your sponsor can wear at your confirmation and any time after. These often come with a prayer card, so choose a prayer that means a lot to your sponsor. These can get pricey if you choose real gold, but you really do not have to. You can choose gold-plated, silver or another type of metal. Your sponsor will appreciate this regardless of what it is made out of.

Spiritual Bouquet

These are very nice and are different from most traditional gifts. You will create a bouquet of prayers that you promise to recite to help and thank your sponsor. You will get a thank you card and place this bouquet within it. It should be presented after your confirmation ceremony.

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