Prom Tux Trends to Try

When you head to your prom, you want to make sure that you look your best and one of the biggest parts of this is having the perfect prom tux. While a tuxedo is a tuxedo and they all look pretty much the same, there are still ways to stand out from all the rest. Following a few tips, you will be the best dressed at the ball.

Wear a T-Shirt

This is a more daring look that is sure to make you stand out and in a good way. This look is casual, but still formal enough to please your date. A good way to do this look is to choose a dark, charcoal gray tux that is pinstriped with the pins just being a shade lighter than the tux color. Then, wear a plain black T-shirt underneath the jacket. A V-neck works best for this look. You should button at least one button on the tux jacket and preferably the top one.

Go Plaid

A plaid tux in which the colors closely match is hot right now. For example, a muted dark blue and dark gray plaid. Under this, you should wear a white shirt with the top button or two undone. This is a very casual, yet sophisticated look that will have all of the girls wishing that you asked them to the prom.

Black with Sheen

Matte black can still be worn, but for a truly sophisticated and eye-catching look go for a tux that has some sheen to it. You want to wear black shoes, pants and a jacket, all of which should shine a bit. Your shirt should be white and to really spice things up, go for a bow tie over a traditional tie.

Go Dark and Faux

Instead of a traditional boutonniere, go for something a bit more edgy. Regardless of the color of your tux, you will be able to pull this off. Find a faux flower – any flower that you choose – and make it a black one. No one thinks about black flowers being good for prom, but they definitely work and you will probably be the only guy wearing one, making you stand out above the other guys in the room.

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