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Women loves shopping and dressing up but once they’ve gained so much pounds it’s the time that they stop buying new clothes for a while and think of losing unwanted pounds. I’ve known many friends that sets a certain ideal weight and once they’ve outweigh it they will stop eating foods rich in carbo, fats and sweets. They told me that the best way to regain the ideal weight is to avoid those foods that are contains great amount of calories. They even made a list of foods with particular number of calories per normal servings so they would know if they’re taking so much of a particular food or avoid them totally.

When my MIL had diabetes at an old age she was given a meal plan for a month with the right kind of food to take and the quantity or size they should be taken. As I’ve seen from her meal schedule notes she’s allowed to eat rice but can take half cup of rice during breakfast and lunch. For the red meat she was allowed a size resembling a small matchbox only. The rest of the foods to avoid are those sweets that are not allowed for the kind of disease she has.

I’ve learned from her that her doctor is giving her a diet that corresponds to her age and body mass index. Her total intake of calories should not exceed 1,200 calories to maintain not being overweight and to balance her blood sugar. Through reading her monthly meal plans I came to understand the logic of choosing the right diet plans like Dieta Atkins which promotes eating proteins and fats and avoiding carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and carbo-rich foods. I’ve heard people doing this kind of diet as it’s also popular around the world. It’s actually faster but should be monitored because carbohydrates are our source of energy.

Last year I did my own healthy meal plans which I cooked and prepared myself and I learned from reading that it resembles dieta mediterranea which is known to be a balanced diet consisting variety of foods. Just like my own diet it also consists of plant products like fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes, cereals and others. White meat is preferable here than red meat and best when you use olive oil. There are recipes available to follow when you really want to discipline yourself.

All diet plans differs in speeds and how fast it will take to lose a pound or a kilo. If you want to lose weight faster you could try dieta Fricker which can give you results twice as faster as the others. It has high speed phase and moderate phase. In this diet the high speed phase prohibits foods containing starch and sweets. You can eat meat, fish, and vegetables with some fruit, dairy and fat. Then the second or moderate speed phase will follow where you can include foods with starch content. This kind of diet allows you to lose weight slowly but surely. So you choose the kind of diet that will suit your lifestyle and your time frame of how long you want to regain your old slim shape.

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