Experience Gifts for the Manly Man

There are a lot of gifts that are masculine in nature but don’t wholly succeed at letting a man show what he’s made of. That’s not to say that a bottle of cologne, a nice new tie and even a set of wrenches aren’t welcome gifts. However, if giving these things year after year becomes a little lackluster, just think of what it’s like to be on the receiving end.

It doesn’t matter if the man you know is a husband, boyfriend, father, brother, son, an uncle or a grandfather. He’s bound to be interested in a fun gift that has a little more testosterone attached to it. A gift that lets him put his brawn to the test as he speeds down the straightaway in an Audi R8 or suits up in full body armor for the ultimate zombie-slaying experience.

The opportunity to have an experience that complements the strapping vision a man keeps of himself in his mind’s eye will always be more enticing than a sweater he’ll never wear. That’s why experience gifts are the number one gift-giving idea for guys.

What’s more, experience gifts for guys are divided into five different categories, providing a magnificent array of options in which to develop (or refine) one’s masculine aptitude.


A popular category that will get his testosterone revving, this includes everything from rally driving to go-kart racing to getting behind the wheel of monster trucks. If your guy is the type who would rather feel the wind in his face, consider the option of speed bikes or classic motorcycles. If he’d rather feel the mud on his teeth, you’ll find dirt bikes and four-wheelers here as well.


This is the category for the guy whose dreams are high in the sky. He can spend the day behind the rudder of any aircraft that gets his heart soaring, including helicopters, biplanes, gliders and stunt planes.

Adrenaline junkies

If your guy likes to put his cardiac health to the test with heart-pounding activities, this is the category that will do it. Skydiving (indoor and outdoor), bungee jumping, cave exploration trips, speed boating and even underwater diving with great white sharks are just some of the activities found in this group.

Combat skills training

Some guys just want to have fun. In this category, your guy can gear up and learn all the details of SWAT or riot training or take part in real live tank battles.

Horror adventures

Does your guy swear he’s got a solid plan for the Zombie Apocalypse? Now he can test his skills as the ultimate zombie slayer. If zombies aren’t his style, there’s a place for vampire and werewolf hunters, too.

When it comes down to it, there’s nothing wrong with buying another fishing pole or power tool for a guy. They love that stuff. However, the memories that come as a result of receiving an experience gift are something that won’t have to wait for the perfect occasion to get used.

Jack Harding is always on the lookout for his next adventure and new experience. When not trying out new activities he enjoys writing about them. Visit Wish.co.uk for more gift ideas.

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