Window Shopping for Siblings

I was so busy with reading shopping deals for tablets and mobile phones because my sister asked me to help her find a good phablet. She feels tired having a tablet and a separate phone that most of the times she just leaves her tablet at home. So when she needs it she feels the sudden urge to buy a tablet and a phone in one so she wouldn’t have to carry both. I’ve bought myself a phablet last month and I feel so happy and contented with it so I told her to consider one of the other models of my own.

I was thinking about her timeline for finding one that I almost forgot that my brother asked me to find him an online supplier for steel clamping handles he would be need for his coming project. Lately he finds it too tasking to go online because he needs to finish all his home plans so he asked me for some help in canvassing just like the old times when I would do canvassing and bill of materials for his residential projects.

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