Beyonce Wasn’t Only Speaking For Women: Men’s Wedding Bands


Mens tungsten wedding bands are often a preferred ring as they prove to be extremely durable and also safe to the skin. You will find that rings like these do not trigger any skin irritation either. Just looking at the polished surface that seems to remain untainted forever and ever is often enough reason why you would like to sport a tungsten ring yourself.

You may be pleasantly surprised to hear that tungsten rings for men are known for their premium strength, and they have proved to be the most scratch proof rings among other jewelry. This is one reason why they are growing in popularity; that and their high resistance to wear.

Then again, some believe that you won’t be able to remove the ring in an emergency situation. Contrary to common believe you will be able to remove the ring by simply cracking it using vice-grip locking pliers. In fact, it is easier to crack a ring than cut it. Knowing this makes people more comfortable wearing it.

In addition, tungsten ring makers claim to cause fewer allergic reactions due to it being hypoallergenic. What generally causes allergic reactions is the cobalt in some rings which is not present in most tungsten rings. You will love the fact that you can personalize these rings as it is very easy to engrave your name on them. Get it right the first time, though, it’s not easy to re-engrave them.

Tungsten rings for men are a worthwhile investment and prove to be an excellent choice for wedding bands. Let’s take a closer look at their pros and cons.


  • They will never bend. It’s been proven by hammering the rings like crazy. Yet they retained their shape.
  • Scratch resistant. You can file away at it, but it will remain polished forever.
  • It proves to be heavier than other metals due to its density. Nothing beats tungsten rings shine and polish


  • Unfortunately, tungsten rings for men cannot be re-sized. Knowing that going in is fine. This means you need to try and source a trustworthy jeweler who will exchange the ring for you in the event that you experience difficulty with your ring size later on.
  • Watch out for cheaper tungsten jewelry as it is made with cobalt. This means it does not have all the same qualities as a solid tungsten ring though it can still be very beautiful. The solid tungsten rings are more expensive, but it certainly will not corrode or even turn your finger brown.

As long as you stick with a brand name you will be fine. Tungsten rings are not only surprisingly hard, but they hold their shine forever while being durable and affordable at the same time. This is a great advantage for working men, and those who want to impress their ladies by wearing these everlasting tungsten rings.

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